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Karen Jones

Senor Project Manager


Karen is responsible for the management of the fund and Project Advisers to ensure successful delivery and that all outputs are met.


With many years experience of running ERDF contracts she also calls upon her experience as a Business Adviser to ensure that the team develop great working relationships with County Durham companies and networks. Karen is passionate about supporting businesses and thrives on a challenge and finds that delivering grant schemes gives a different challenge every day.


Sending time with her family, especially her grandson is another passion along with keeping fit.   Pink gin and pink hair come next.

Lesley Stothart

Business Adviser

Delivered Business support for over 20 years supporting various businesses and working on many different contracts, currently a Project Adviser for the County Durham Growth Fund.

One of my favourite phrases is “You will never have this day again so make it count”

Four  things I  discovered over the years which can drive a business and support them to succeed:

  • Extend your market reach

  • Diversify

  • Networking

  • Exporting

I love cars and have had a number of driving days one with an ex rally car champ where I drove various BMW’s and his rally car a Sierra Cosworth - I love dogs, Gin and holidays and I dislike rude people , sprouts and rain